injection sans aiguille
Medical Jet System

To enhance the radiance of your face, neck, cleavage area and hands
by means of a revolutionary technique: the Medical Jet System


A technique for making the skin youthful again and for revitalising it, that is 100% natural, the Medical Jet System makes it possible for the active substances to penetrate into the layers of the skin without needles nor injections..

Its purpose is to correct skin imperfections in exposed areas, i.e. the face, neck, cleavage area and the hands.


The Medical Jet System is a novel approach in non-invasive cosmetic therapy of skin imperfections, making it possible to obtain:

A bio peeling ( 100 % natural ),

A re-moisturised skin and vitamin-enriched in depth,

Wrinkles are diminished,,

The skin becomes smooth and radiant

Remarkable results are also obtained on stretch marks, scars and dark spots (pigmentation marks).



Publication and scientific studies

This publication in the Aestheticians Journal Jan-March 2011, reported the visibility of results observed after treatment, on different aspects (a radiant complexion, skin softness, appearance of pores, etc.), and on overall appearance, with an 87.5% rate of improvement observed after 1 week of therapy, and 100% after 4 consecutive weeks.
This study is a comparative study of the diffusion of lidocaine during 5 minutes, with the Medical Jet System, and application of EMLA 5% for 45 minutes, with decreased sensation of pain observed in 82% of cases. It also demonstrated the effects of penetration of the active substances selected (by barophoresis) into the layers of the skin, skin regeneration, as well as the physiological effects produced.

A study of patient satisfaction following treatment with glycolic acid, showed an 80% overall rate of satisfaction.

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